My first client was RALPH LAUREN, when he opened his store in Paris, Place de la Madeleine in 1986.
I was born and raised in a family of antique dealers. My mother opened her first antique store in 1963. At a very young age, I spent time antiquing with her at professional shows and hitting the road to meet antique dealers.
In the early 80’s, I left France for the United States and where I spent three years.
I first worked with Jacques KAPLAN who had just opened his famous art gallery in Kent, Connecticut. I antiqued with my brother Xavier Bachelier an antique dealer in Washington, Connecticut.
After several work experiences in various antiques stores in the USA, I joined Bachelier Antiquités at the Marché Paul Bert at the Paris Flea Market in Paris, internationally known as the store specialized in French kitchen furniture and wine objects, founded by my mother and my other brother 30 years ago.
In 2009, I opened my store at the MARCHÉ PAUL BERT in the flea market and in parallel, organized antiquing tours for clients from all over the world. Which I continue to do today.